Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tuesday a "The Corner"....

     Kinda hectic at the corner today.  We're back to our home school lessons this week and mom is in full scale planning mode for the rest of the spring/summer quarter.  And we're working on getting Valentine's together and mailed for our annual Valentine Swap.  We just got a HUGE box of books yesterday strait from Alaska and they included some great dog sledding magazines so that's got Bug psyched up for our Iditarod study (Coming up in March - I have an Uncle who lives in Alaska and Bug gets excited over the big race!).

     Stay tuned for an introduction to our home school in the coming weeks.  We'd like to show you our "most used classroom", our new "daily work binder" (including our handwriting work), a new "culinary essentials method" we're going to put into place and much more.  So join us in the coming weeks for lots of inspiration and a peek into our daily home school lives. (Disclaimer: I have being on video or having pictures taken of myself but there is video on the way!)

     As always if there's something I say or do that your interested in knowing more about or if there's something about us that has you curious, please leave us a comment and I'll try to work in a post just for you showing our technique or answering your question.

     Until next time - keep the pieces together.

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